Địa điểm du lịch nào bạn muốn đến kế tiếp?

Travel141 sẽ là cẩm nang hướng dẫn du lịch hữu ích của bạn tại châu Á!

Ẩm thực Singapore: Hải sản hấp Yu Pin bạn nhất định phải thử khi đến Singapore

Steaming is a way of cooking food that helps retain the minerals and richness of each ingredient. This valued cooking method made its way to some Singapore local restaurants in the early months of 2016. It is believed that this was inspired by a trend from Hong Kong and Korea, and since then, it gave […]

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Food Guide: Traditional Authentic Barbecued Bak Kwa in Singapore

Do you know what traditional Bak Kwa really is? Head down to Hu Zhen Long, where the barbecued meat slices are still lovingly prepped by hand. Flying in to Singapore right before Chinese New year? Then you have to head down to Chinatown to see the sights! Besides the multitude of lanterns being hung along […]

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Ẩm thực Singapore: Upin Hotpot, Thưởng thức Lẩu Tứ Xuyên chính hiệu ngay tại Singapore

Còn gì tuyệt vời hơn khi bạn được thưởng thức ẩm thực Tứ Xuyên chính hiệu khi đặt chân đến Singapore! Upin Hotpot; nép mình trong khu phố nhộn nhịp Clarke Quay, nhà hàng phục vụ món ăn Tứ Xuyên đậm đà, đặc biệt là món lẩu với vị soup Ma La, không khác gì […]

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Top 3 loại tráng miệng bạn nên thử tại Sweet Fusion 殿糖级 Singapore !

Your trip to Singapore is not complete, if you haven’t had a great food trip. This vibrant country has a lot to offer from great savory food and local delicacies to pastries and desserts. And recently, a new addition to the bustling food scene has made its way to Singapore‘s shores: Sweet Fusion 殿糖级. Hong […]

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Những khách sạn lý tưởng tại Marina Bay

This majestic bay area is home to Singapore‘s most beautiful and iconic hotels. Marina Bay is located at the heart of all the action and near major districts in Singapore, like the Central Business District, the Civic District, and Clarke Quay. If you decided to stay by the bay, Marina Bay offers many hotel choices, each […]

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