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Japan Travel Guide: What you can do in Asakusa, Japan for 24 hours

Although severely damaged during the Second World War, today, Asakusa in Tokyo is still pretty much alive with distinct old town characteristics of Japan’s capital city. Many years ago, it was the centre of Tokyo’s entertainment district where you can find geishas, musicians and artists. Today, along with several rickshaws that still pass through the streets of Asakusa, this old historical district in Tokyo has become a world-famous destination and is the centre of today’s Japan travel guide!


Japan Travel Guide to Asakusa | Japan travel guide | Travel141

Senso-ji, more popularly known as Asakusa Kannon Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in Asakusa. Built in the 7th century, it is one of the places to visit in Japan as it is among Tokyo’s oldest temples with its red Kaminirimon gate that became Asakusa’s most famous landmark.

Address: 2-3-1, Taito-ku, Asakusa, Tokyo
Opening Hours:
9:00a.m. to 7:00p.m.


Japan Travel Guide to Asakusa | Japan travel guide | Travel141Photo Courtesy: Hanayashiki Facebook Page 

What was originally a flower park which opened in 1935 is now Japan’s oldest amusement park with over 20 different attractions, a mini zoo (which is already closed) and shops. This home-grown Japanese theme park may be small in size but it made sure to put it to good use. It’s packed with different rides such as the Thriller Car, a 3D Theatre, a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster to name a few. There’s even a small garden and pond area that serve as remnants from being a flower park decades ago.

Address: 2-28-1, Asakusa, Taito-ku 111-00032
Opening Hours: 
10:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. (Opening hours vary depending on season and weather)

Unagi Komagata Maekawa

Japan Travel Guide to Asakusa | Japan travel guide | Travel141Photo Courtesy: Unagi Komagata Maekawa

A Japan travel guide will never be complete without a feature on a local restaurant!

Take a break in visiting the Japan attractions on your Asakusa travel itinerary and head over to Unagi Komagata Maekawa for an enticing meal! The history of this famous local restaurant dates back to over 200 years – at the time of Japan’s Bunsei period in 1818 – 1830. Unagi Komagata Maekawa’s specialties are the “eel meals” where they use only Taro Bando eel from Tone River – leaving guests to experience only quality, fresh eels.

Address: 2-1-29, Komagata, Taito-ku, Asakusa, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 
11:30a.m. to 9:00p.m. (Last order is 10:30p.m.)

Sumida Aquarium & Tokyo Skytree

Japan Travel Guide to Asakusa | Japan travel guide | Travel141Photo Courtesy: Sumida Aquarium

Sumida Aquarium located at the 3rd level of Tokyo Skytree Town is one of its main attractions. Since it opened in May 2010, this has become a famous tourist spot which is often featured in numerous Tokyo travel guides. It features over 10,000 sea creatures which guests can see up close!


Japan Travel Guide to Asakusa | Japan travel guide | Travel141Photo Courtesy: Tokyo Solamachi

The Tokyo Solomachi is a shopping and entertainment complex located at the base of Tokyo Skytree. Aside from sight-seeing, one of the things to do in Asakusa is shopping and you can spend the whole day doing it at Tokyo Solomachi. From snacks to cute knickknacks and clothes, you can find everything you need in this shopping complex

Climb your way up to the top of Tokyo Skytree to get a glimpse of Tokyo’s stunning nightscape.

Address: 5-6F, TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi 1-2, Oshiage 1-chome, Sumida Ward, Tokyo 131-0045
Opening Hours: 9:00a.m. to 11:00p.m

Asakusa Hoppy Street

Japan Travel Guide to Asakusa | Japan travel guide | Travel141

To complete our Japan travel guide, we have our last featured attraction – the Asakusa Hoppy Street. It’s an 80-metre stretch of street dotted with bars and restaurants selling affordable alcohol. It’s a great place to enjoy cheap beer as well as food while meeting fellow travellers and locals. It’s often flocked by many young people for a night cap. Hoppy Street is also called the Nikomi Street – Nikomi refers to boiled food, which is easily available here, aside from beer.

Address: 2-3-19, Komagata, Taito-ku, Asakusa, Tokyo

Spend the rest of your vacation exploring Tokyo and read through our Tokyo travel guide to find other things to do and places to visit!

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