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Porcelain Face Spa’s Cryotherapy – Your Secret to Tighter, More Radiant Skin

Porcelain Face Spa | Travel | Travel141

Porcelain Face Spa | Travel | Travel141

Having been around for almost 10 years, local face spa Porcelain has come to be one of the leading facial spas in Singapore. Porcelain continually churns out skincare solutions based on active feedback from and interactions with their clients — a reassuring touch to both new and loyal clients that they listen to. Amongst Porcelain Face Spa’s signature anti-aging treatments that target dry, dull and sagging skin is CryotherapyTM, designed for tighter, brighter, and more radiant skin. Get brighter, firmer, and more radiant skin in time for Chinese New Year and beyond!

Porcelain Face Spa | Travel | Travel141

This facial Singapore’s revolutionary CryotherapyTM (Korean medi-technology) freezes time by using extremely low temperatures (up to -15 degrees Celsius!) to stimulate microcirculation, thus promoting better oxygenation of dermal cells. Depending on your skin’s needs, experienced therapist of Porcelain Face Spa will curate a customized selection of Porcelain products to use during the treatment.

After their relaxing double cleansing ritual, the Cryostamp’s ultra-fine 0.2mm stamps create micro wounds on the skin, which help to boost product penetration and speed up scar recovery, thus improving overall skin tone and texture. After that, the Cryoprobe continues the penetration process and ‘freezes’ the skin, causing vasoconstriction and then vasodilation. This stimulates microcirculation, promotes cellular oxygenation and detoxification for a brighter, clearer complexion.

Porcelain Face Spa | Travel | Travel141

CryotherapyTM is the ultimate go-to facial treatment if you seek anti-aging, brightening treatments, especially if you have dull, saggy skin with fine lines. As it stimulates collagen production and reduces fine lines, expect brighter, more luminous skin after the facial treatment. Because of its lightening effects, it’s also suitable for those with acne scars!

Just in time for Chinese New Year, Porcelain Face Spa is giving out a special promotion for first-time clients! Experience the magic of Porcelain’s CryotherapyTM treatment, and enjoy an additional complimentary RevitalEyes Luxx at an exclusive price of SGD $188 (U.P SGD $387.53).

RevitalEyes Luxx is another one of Porcelain’s facial spa treatments specially designed to reduce dark circles, eye bags, and fine lines. With the use of MultiPeptide Silk Eye mask and other treatment products containing essential ingredients like Collagen, Amino Acids, Oxygen & Gold, and finally topped off with LED light therapy, noticeable results can be seen after just one session. Wake up to fresher-looking, more radiant skin!

Enjoy this brightening and rejuvenating facial treatment with complimentary RevitalEyes Luxx until February 28, 2018. To book your appointment, call +65 6227 9692, email knockknock@porcelainskin.com, or send a Whatsapp text to +65 9721 1008.

Kindly fill in your details below and Porcelain will get in touch with you for confirmation!

Find out more by visiting the following:

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Blog: https://porcelainskin.com/prologue  

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